Programming – Currently your transformer has two programs. “Program A” is set to come on at 5:00 AM and then go off at sunrise. “Program B” comes on at sunset and goes off at 11:00 PM. These 2 programs will happen every day of the week. If you’d like something different, please communicate your preferred schedule with Eric Jalas during construction.

Adjustments – As a homeowner, it’s easy to adjust your lights as your landscape matures. Many times, repositioning the fixture and adjusting its angle using a screwdriver will return the LED light to its full effect. If more extensive adjustment or augmentation is necessary, please contact your designer.

LX Transformer Introduction Video:

LX Instruction Manual PDF:


Important Pages within the Manual:

  • Button and symbol guide: 4, 5
  • Program Functions: 17, 18, 19,
  • Frequently Asked Questions: 21
  • Trouble Shooting: 23

Basic Trouble Shooting:

If the outdoor LED lights are not on check the following:

#1 Is there power to the transformer? Plug in a lamp or radio to see if power is there. If there is no power, a tripped breaker or GFCI reset could fix the problem.

#2 Have you recently turned your lights off using the OFF mode? If so, the unit is automatically assuming you wanted to cancel the entire lighting event for the day. Review page 21 of the manual for further instruction.

#3 Is there only one section of lighting not coming on? Perhaps a line has been recently cut providing power to that section.

Is one outdoor LED light out?

If so, please call LandCrafters. All or a portion of the materials may be under warranty. Our time will be billed at an hourly rate.

Are the LED lights coming on too soon?

#1 Have you adjusted the program times to reflect time changes?

#2 If you are using the photocell function, the area where the transformer is located could now be too dark.

How do I restore my unit’s programming to the factory default values?

Hold down the Select/Enter button + Down button on the facepack. Then, press the reset button on the back of the facepack. First, release the reset button, and then release the buttons on the front. If you’ve done this correctly, the time should say 12:00.

I’ve tried to fix the system myself and I need help.

Feel free to call LandCrafters and we can trouble shoot your system for an hourly rate.