Haven on Earth

Our landscapes offer the opportunity to serve Milwaukee as a refuge for our clients – restoring their energy and bringing them peace and quality of life. It starts with a landscape designer who listens to your individual needs and crafts a careful, thoughtful design.

Just a Backyard?

Seems a shame to call it just a “backyard,” doesn’t it? Instead, a landscape should be an extension of the home offering opportunities for entertainment, play, and relaxation. To find more examples of landscaping in Milwaukee

About Our Landscaping Services


LandCrafters of New Berlin and Milwaukee offers the best value in landscaping, brick and stone masonry, tree planting, and all outdoor landscape design and installation for the Milwaukee Metropolitan area, as well as the surrounding counties of Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, and Racine.


Victorian Farmhouse Makeover

After completing an update to their 1889 Victorian Farmhouse, including a large new garage and back addition, our clients wanted a new landscape worthy of their home. The landscape needed to repair grades, address drainage, provide new plantings as well as a new driveway, walkways, and patio. Given the old foundation and lack of a storm sewer connection, a series of interconnected rain gardens were developed ton site to capture all the downspouts and runoff. The rain gardens are tied aesthetically to the overall planting scheme and serve as focal points. New LED lighting further accentuates the house and landscape. No wonder it was a double award winner – 2021 Gold Award from Milwaukee NARI and 2022 Silver Award from WLCA.A.

Artistic Care

Following an extensive makeover of the backyard, our clients entrusted the landscape to us for growth and development. They wanted the landscape kept in a more natural state, yet neat and clean, despite the surrounding woods. We were up to the task and the judges agreed – award a Gold Award from the WLCA in 2021.


What People Are Saying About Our Landscaping Services

Sustainable (Green) Landscaping

Green and sustainable are often used interchangeably, but they are actually different. The EPA defines sustainability as the “Creating and maintaining of conditions under which human and nature exist in harmony, that permit the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.

Rain Water Collection Systems

These take rain gardens a step further – capturing water from rooftops and storing it for use either for a water feature or irrigation. An example most people are familiar with is a rain barrel capturing water from a single downspout for use watering a garden. However, this captures a minimal amount and often is not the most visually pleasing.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are useful solutions in the landscape – they filter and slow down rain water pouring off roofs, across lawns and paving. Rain gardens capture the water temporarily in a basin where it percolates into the ground, recharging depleted groundwater. It also traps residues like fertilizers so that they do not pollute our lakes and streams. But most of all through thoughtful design and plant selection – they are beautiful!

LED Lighting

Many of our clients want lighting for their landscape both for aesthetic reasons as well as safety. LED lighting provides ambient lighting at a 75 percent reduction in energy use as compared to conventional low voltage, halogen bulbs but with far longer lasting bulbs and fixtures.


Permeable paving functions as does a rain garden allowing water to infiltrate through the gaps in the brick pavers and into the ground, recharging depleted groundwater. Some systems have the ability to take in rainfall up to 11 inches per hour without shedding on the surface.