We Are Not Afraid to Stand Behind Our Landscapes

The expectation that your new landscape will perform as intended is covered by our general warranties. Plants, lawns and even hardscapes – patios, walkways, etc… react to their environment and change over time. As a result, problems can arise at any time over the life of your landscape for a variety of environmental and lifespan reasons. Proper care and periodic inspection and maintenance are the best courses of action that will ensure a long lasting and even more beautiful landscape over time. Our general warranties are intended to ensure that the work we perform is free from defects and meet the highest quality standards. They also identify most normal risks associated with customized installations that are alive and growing and are subjected to a variety of external and environmental factors.

Most problems with plants or with any part of the landscape installation will appear within a few weeks or occasionally within a few months. One annual cycle of our seasons and winter freeze-thaw cycle is enough to reveal any unnoticed or unknown problems.


Trees and Shrubs – We will replace one time within one year from original installation, any tree or shrub that dies, provided it has had proper care and watering. We will also warranty trees and shrubs sold and delivered to you that you have planted yourself. Parts of a plant may die as a normal reaction to transplanting. An injured plant will be pruned and/or trained if there is a reasonable expectation that it will return to it’s normal habit over time. Trees and shrubs planted in pots or raised planters are excluded from warranty because they are exposed to unnaturally harsh conditions and soil temperatures. There is no warranty for plants that have not received proper care or plants damaged mechanically or by events of nature, animals or insects/diseases.

Perennials, Groundcovers and Roses – There is no warranty for perennials, groundcovers or roses. Even though many of these plants are considered “hardy” in our climate zone, they are more susceptible to changing environmental factors at any time in their life cycle, especially in the winter. They are also less able to endure even short periods of lack of care and watering at the beginning of their life in a new landscape. The best prevention from loss over winter is winter protection or mulching according to the specific type of plant. Winter protection during the first year is highly recommended.

Annual Flowers and Seasonal Color – There is no warranty for annuals. Survival is dependent upon proper care and watering.


Seeded Lawns – Seeded lawns are guaranteed for germination. Initial watering by nature or mechanically will cause germination in a properly prepared seed bed. Further development and maturation are dependent on proper care and watering. There is no warranty against weed development. Weeds are part of the process in a developing lawn. For further information on expectations and care, please see the “Care and Instructions” page.

Sodded Lawns – Sodded lawns are guaranteed for proper installation. Sod arrives on site alive and healthy. Proper watering is crucial to the survival of new sod. There is no circumstance except lack of water where sod “will not take”.


All of our work is installed according to the highest accepted standards to the level of detail you have selected. Planting, soil preparation and turf installation are done in a horticulturally correct methods. Grading and drainage perform to the limits they were designed. Patios and walkways are installed according to generally accepted standards or better. We will repair any workmanship related problems that you report to us within the first year after installation. Damage to our work is not covered. We are responsible for the correction of our immediate work only and not for the conditions that may have been caused. We are not responsible for the repairs to our work that are the result of settling caused by the excavation/backfilling of soil beneath or adjacent to our work that was done by others.

Concrete and Masonry

There is no warranty against cracking of concrete, asphalt of masonry paving. Concrete will crack. Every effort will be made to direct the cracking to prescribed control joints. Masonry paving will have prescribed expansion joints, reinforcement and control joints where applicable. There is no warranty against the effects of ice control products

Hardscape Materials

Manufactured products are covered under the warranty of the manufacturer or the supplier as applicable. Natural products are guaranteed to be defect-free at installation. Cracking and shaling of natural stone is beyond our control and is a characteristic of some natural materials. Labor is not included under warranty for the correction of defective material manufactured or supplied by others.

Specialty Items and Accessories

Manufacturers warranties apply to their products (lighting, fountains, pumps, furniture, etc…). Labor is not included under warranty for the repair or replacement of specialty items.

Subcontractor Work

Work done by our subcontractors is covered by their warranties. We will support your claims and coordinate the correction of deficiencies. We are not responsible for any work done by your contractors, even if you have arranged for us to coordinate their work.

Buried or Obscured Obstructions

We contact Diggers Hotline to locate all public utilities present on your property. We are responsible for their protection and repair if we damage them. We are not responsible for your “private” utilities that you have not specifically identified and accurately located for us. (Some examples include: irrigation and lighting lines, septic lines, drain tiles, invisible dog fence, private gas lines for pools, grills and other appliances.)


We are not responsible for work done as requested by you that does not meet generally accepted standards of which you have been notified.

All warranties are void if payment on your account is not current.


Our limited lifetime warranty is intended to provide a relatively worry free relationship with your property. It covers the parts of your landscape that LandCrafters originally installed for you and that we are under contract to maintain for you. It remains in force as long as we maintain that portion of your landscape and, if we have been in continuous control of your landscape since it was installed. All you have to do is hire us to take care of your landscape and authorize prescribed actions to treat problems as they arise. In the case of plants, you must also provide proper watering as needed. This may include monitoring your automatic irrigation system.

Here is how it works: All warranties are the same as the standard warranties plus additional benefits described below with the limitations described.


Additional Coverages – Trees and shrubs are fully covered for replacement, including labor at their original size and variety. If a larger size or different variety is requested, our current retail price for the plant plus installation will be credited against the cost of the replacement. Perennials, groundcovers and roses are covered during the growing season, but not for over-winter losses. There is no additional coverage for annuals and seasonal color or plants in pots or raised planters. Loss from disease or insects is covered as long as you have authorized early treatment per our recommendation.

Restrictions – All warranties are the same as the standard warranties plus additional benefits described below with the limitations described.
Plants and plant beds have a finite life span and limited time of function and purpose. Light conditions and other factors can change as your landscape matures. The lifetime warranty is not intended to cover beyond normal life span nor to upgrade or renovate portions of the landscape.


Additional Coverages – We will top-dress and seed areas that have suffered damage from disease or insects that we are treating.

Restrictions – Snow plow damage or any other mechanical damage is not covered. Snow mold and other over-winter damage and acts of nature are not covered. Damage as a result of the effects of ice control products are not covered.
Workmanship: Additional Coverages – There is no time limit to reporting workmanship related repairs. We will periodically inspect and make necessary corrections as necessary.

Limitations – Periodic maintenance is not included.
Concrete, Masonry and Hardscapes: Additional Coverages – There is no time limit to reporting repairs. We will periodically inspect and make recommendations. Labor that is otherwise not included will be provided at a reduced rate.

Limitations – Periodic maintenance is not included. The effects of freeze thaw cycles over time are not considered warranty items. Occasional renovations may be required. Damage as a result of the effects of ice control products are not covered.

Specialty Items

Additional Coverages – Manufacturer’s and supplier’s warranties apply. Labor that is otherwise not included will be provided at a reduced rate.

Limitations – None.