As the charm of Milwaukee unfolds with each passing year, so do the trends that shape its landscapes. Milwaukee Landscaping Trends for 2024 bring a fresh wave of innovation and sustainability to the forefront, offering exciting possibilities for transforming your surroundings and enhancing your Milwaukee curb appeal. Whether you’re a proud homeowner or just someone who appreciates the beauty of a well-maintained outdoor space, these trends invite you to explore the next level of landscape aesthetics.

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Sustainability And Native Plants 

One of the biggest Milwaukee Landscaping Trends is using native plants for more sustainable landscaping. Native plants, perfectly suited to the local environment, are gaining popularity for their resilience and adaptability to thrive in local climate and soil. For Milwaukee, native plants are a great pick because they don’t need as much water, fertilizer, or maintenance as non-native varieties. Beyond the practical benefits, native plants are not just beautifying the surroundings but also contributing to the ecological health of the Milwaukee region. 


Drought Tolerant Landscaping 

With its fluctuating weather patterns, Milwaukee demands resilient solutions that can withstand periods of low rainfall. Wisconsin drought-resistant plant varieties, such as succulents, Little Bluestem, Bottlebrush, asters, and purple prairie clover, are gaining popularity for their ability to thrive in challenging conditions. In addition to plant selection, adopting smart irrigation techniques and water-conserving landscaping practices is crucial. So, in a city where the weather keeps changing, opting for drought-resistant landscaping is the solution to maintain a lively and robust outdoor area all year round.


Outdoor Living Spaces 

Milwaukeeans increasingly recognize the value of outdoor living spaces, making it one of the standout Milwaukee landscaping trends for 2024. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and comfortable seating arrangements are in high demand, creating functional and stylish spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Imagine savoring a warm summer evening with friends around a crackling fire or hosting a family barbecue in the outdoor kitchen. These outdoor living spaces enhance the quality of life and add aesthetic appeal to the property. 

Outdoor living area in backyard of house

Vertical Gardens 

Vertical gardens maximize planting space by growing plants vertically on walls or other vertical structures like fences, walls, pergolas, and trellises. This tactic increases the growing area and allows city dwellers to grow gardens in tight spaces. From green walls of foliage to cascading container gardens, vertical gardens add beauty and privacy while covering unattractive features. Additionally, they contribute to improved air quality and provide a habitat for beneficial insects.

 For Milwaukee city folks, vertical gardens provide an exciting opportunity to cultivate greenery in unexpected places, further enhancing the Milwaukee landscape’s appeal.


Smart Landscaping Technology 

In 2024, outdoor spaces are set to integrate with nature seamlessly. Smart irrigation responds to weather changes, guaranteeing the ideal water levels for plants. At the same time, automated outdoor lighting creates a desired atmosphere and saves energy. These cutting-edge technologies enhance efficiency and convenience in outdoor areas, simplify maintenance, and conserve time and resources—all while encouraging sustainable practices.

Patio with lighting and fire pit

Seasonal Planting 

In Milwaukee’s changing climate, planning for seasons is crucial to ensure they stay vibrant year-round. Strategically choose plants that flourish in specific seasons – for example, asters for a vibrant burst of autumn color and evergreens for a touch of winter elegance. To make them thrive, follow guidance on seasonal lawn care, addressing unique plant needs in fertilization, watering, and climate challenges. By following these strategies, the garden can become a year-round masterpiece.


Hiring Professional Landscapers 

While the do-it-yourself allure of landscaping is hard to resist, seeking professional landscapers’ expertise will still be one of the Milwaukee Landscaping Trends for 2024. These pros deeply understand local conditions, customizing their designs to suit the landscape’s unique needs perfectly.

Now, when it comes to choosing between a landscape architect or a landscape designer, the decision depends on the project’s scale and nature. After making the decision, the next step is to do some due diligence by checking their credentials and reading their client’s testimonials to see what designs and projects they can pull off.

Landcrafter gardener pulls plants from garden

End Note

In short, Milwaukee landscaping trends for 2024 focus on sustainability, innovation, and beauty. From the practicality of drought-tolerant landscaping to the allure of outdoor living spaces, these trends cater to the diverse preferences of Milwaukee residents. Embrace the change, and let your landscape reflect this great city’s vibrant and eco-conscious spirit.

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