Hey Milwaukee homeowners! As winter blankets our city in a cozy layer of snow, have you ever considered how your outdoor space could be a winter wonderland? Turns out, there are easy landscaping ideas to try this winter, such as thoughtful use of winter-friendly plants, lighting, hardscapes, and sustainable practices that will greatly enhance your property’s curb appeal and value. It’s not just about dealing with the cold – it’s about making our outdoor areas look fantastic. 

Read on for inspiring landscaping ideas to try this winter that will elevate your outdoor space this season.

Landscaping ideas to try this winter


Winter-Friendly Plant Selection

One of the first landscaping ideas to try this winter is trying winter-friendly plants for your landscape. Selecting plants well-suited to Wisconsin winters will provide structure and interest as summer fades. Evergreens are a fantastic choice as they provide year-round color and structural interest. These resilient plants maintain their lush green foliage even in the harshest winter, bringing life to an otherwise dormant landscape.

In addition to evergreens, consider putting ornamental grasses, like millet, moor grass, or blanket flower, for added texture and movement. Their graceful sway in the winter breeze adds a dynamic element to your outdoor space. 

Contrary to common belief, winter doesn’t have to mean the absence of flowers. Select winter-flowering shrubs and perennials like camellias, winter jasmine, or hellebores to bring bursts of color to your garden. 

Now that you have decided which plants to choose, the next step is to plant and care for them properly. So, be sure to follow the complete seasonal lawn care guide!


Seasonal Outdoor Decor

To create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere in your outdoor spaces, festive decor should be on your list for the landscaping ideas to try this winter. Here are some easy tips you can easily follow: 

Seasonal Outdoor Decor: Christmas wreath hanging on door

  1. Festive lighting arrangements: A foolproof trick to spruce up your winter landscape is using festive outdoor decor. Begin by crafting creative lighting arrangements that illuminate pathways and evoke a cozy ambiance. Experiment with warm-toned fairy or string lights to create a magical winter wonderland. For more guidance on lighting, read our landscape lighting checklist. 
  2. Wreaths, garlands, and other door/window decor: Dress up your entryway with winter-themed decor. Wreaths made of evergreen branches, pinecones, and berries bring a touch of nature to your door. At the same time, garlands draped along railings add a festive flair. 
  3. Decorative containers with winter greens and ornaments: Don’t throw out those big ceramic or wooden planters – reuse them for winter cheer! Just stuff them full of pine branches, holly clips, birch wood pieces, or sparkly berry stems. Placing a few festive touches like these around your yard makes it more welcoming for both you and any visitors stopping by.


Hardscape Enhancements

Want to use your yard in the colder months? Incorporate these heating elements into your hardscaping:


  1. Installing heated driveways and walkways: Ice is nice in a drink, not on your driveway. Install heated systems to melt away the icy drama. Say goodbye to shoveling snow and hello to safe and clear paths!


  1. Fire pits and outdoor heating solutions: Want to make your yard a winter hangout spot? Just bring in a fire pit or some outdoor heaters! Huddle around the warmth with your family and friends to relax in comfort, even when there’s a chill in the air.


Winter Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

When exploring landscaping ideas this winter, add some wildlife-friendly touches that benefit the nature around your backyard:  

  1. Bird feeders and shelters: Invite cute winged visitors into your snowy garden by popping up a few bird feeders and houses. Fill those feeders with hearty seeds and blends for the winter months. Also, give the birds some cozy shelters to duck inside away from cold snaps and chill winds. Watching those fluffy feathers flock around injects lively delight into your sleepy winter scene!


  1. Providing water sources: Provide birdbaths with handy heaters so birds and small critters always have water access. This thoughtful touch helps the local fauna stay hydrated and healthy. Plus, you get to encourage more biodiversity in your garden by giving all kinds of species a winter watering hole.Berry bush with snow laying on the brances


  1. Selecting plants that provide food and shelter for wildlife: When picking plants, go for ones that feed and shelter local critters, too. Berry bushes like Holly and Winterberry pop some nice visual contrast into your landscaping with their vivid colors and dish out important food for birds when everywhere else is barren. 


Sustainable Winter Landscaping Practices

In this eco-friendly era, every homeowner should think about green landscaping. Here are some simple landscaping ideas to try this winter that are friendly for the planet and your wallet: 


  1. Mulching to protect plant roots: Mulching takes little effort but pays off through healthier soil and hardier plants. This simple thing insulates the soil so fluctuating temperatures don’t damage the roots. Safeguarding those precious roots means your plants will also bounce back better in spring!


  1. Using energy-efficient outdoor lighting: LED lights, solar-powered fixtures, and timers can help create a well-lit, eco-friendly outdoor space. By adopting sustainable practices, your garden will shine bright without leaving a huge carbon footprint. 


End Note

So, there you have a list of landscaping ideas to try this winter. Whether planting cold-hardy plants, incorporating lighting displays or hardscape heating, providing for wildlife, or mulching beds, these ideas will surely make your landscape more inviting in this joyful season. 

Now, it’s time for you to give these ideas a shot. Turn your outdoor space into a winter retreat. Reach out to LandCrafters for further expert guidance on implementing any of these landscaping ideas that suit you best!

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