Put rainwater to use

These rainwater collection systems take rain gardens a step further – capturing water from rooftops and storing it for use either for a water feature or irrigation. 

What are the benefits of a rainwater collection system?

Say goodbye to costly water bills and water restrictions. With rainwater capture, you have total control over your water supply. It’s a socially acceptable and environmentally responsible way to promote self-sufficiency while conserving water.

Your landscape plants and gardens will love it too! Rainwater is free from chlorine and other chemicals that can harm plants. Plus, it reduces stormwater runoff from homes and businesses, solving drainage problems on your property while providing you with free water.

The best part? Rainwater capture systems are easy to install, use simple technologies that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Whether you need it as a main source of water or as a backup source to wells and municipal water, it’s a flexible solution that can be retrofitted to an existing structure or built during new home construction.

How can I use a rainwater capture system in my landscape? 

Rainwater capture systems can be used in a variety of ways including

  • Watering plants, either by hand or with an irrigation system
  • Water feature systems
  • Refilling ponds and fountains
  • Washing pets
  • So much more!

Best rainwater collection system

We utilize Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System to capture rainwater from multiple downspouts storing it underground for use in small or dramatic water features. It can also be linked a small pump to provide supplemental irrigation throughout the landscape, creating a sustainable supply of water for landscape beds.

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