What are permeable paving systems?

What are permeable paving systems? Permeable paving functions as does a rain garden allowing water to infiltrate through the gaps in the brick pavers and into the ground, recharging depleted groundwater. Some systems have the ability to take in rainfall up to 11 inches per hour without shedding on the surface.

Permeable Paving Systems- Brick

What Are The Benefits Of A Permeable Paving System?

So what are the benefits of a permeable paving system? A permeable paving system can do the following:


  • You can create patios without any or minimal pitch making furniture layout a breeze!
  • Water and oxygen are available for trees and helps trees within a courtyard have access to more water, producing healthier growth.
  • In commercial applications, permeable paving has the ability to replace unsightly detention basins as well as decrease sewers and catch basins for storm runoff.
  • Adds more space for development, while at the same time trapping and filtering pollutants dripping off cars so that it does not wash off into our lakes and streams!