When It Comes To Going Green…We Go Right To The Top!


“Green roofs have been a part of architecture for centuries and the recent resurgence of green roofs worldwide puts Milwaukee in the top ten American cities for green roof implementation as of 2006” (Green Roofs for Healthier Cities 2007). Green roofs have many environmental, economic, social and private benefits and from our perspective allows for the creation of useable garden and living space. We have completed and have under development green roofs for condominiums along the Milwaukee River.


What is a green roof?


A green or ‘living roof’ is one that is either partially or completely covered in vegetation, or plants. Some of the benefits of a green roof include: energy efficiency, environmental benefits, sound insulation, aesthetic appeal and many more.

We are members of Green Roofs for Healthier Cities and Scott Ziebol is an accredited Green Roof Professional (GRP). This is the first accreditation of any kind in North America with fewer than 250 accredited professionals to date. The accreditation program focuses on building multidisciplinary knowledge and skills development and require continuing education credits. Ask us about our involvement and experience in green roof development.

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