Here in Wisconsin, it’s finally starting to warm up, and we’re excited to see the first plants bloom! Warm weather also means that it’s time to get out into the garden and onto our lawns, but before you do that you may need some garden inspiration. This blog explores a selection of plants that bloom first in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Plants To Bloom First In Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Plants To Bloom First In Milwaukee Wisconsin- Snowdrops

One of the first Milwaukee blooms on this list is snowdrops. Snowdrops are like tiny spring gems covered with bell-like white and green flowers. They’ll pop up as soon as February or March and are sure to put a smile on your face. Plus, they’re great for pollinators who are looking for nectar early in the season, which will benefit the rest of your garden in spring.


Plants To Bloom First In Milwaukee Wisconsin- Crocus

Crocuses are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring in Milwaukee. These tiny, vibrant flowers often appear in early March, even while there may still be some snow on the ground. These flowers are sure to add a pop of color to your spring flower display. 

Skunk Cabbage

Plants To Bloom First In Milwaukee Wisconsin- Skunk Cabbage

One native plant that tends to bloom first in Milwaukee is Skunk Cabbage. This funny-sounding plant is one of the earliest-blooming perennial wildflowers. You can find Skunk Cabbage anywhere there is wet soil, which includes ephemeral ponds, forested marshes, and wetlands. This may not be the typical wildflower you may find a front lawn landscaping, but it will definitely be a talking point for guests. 

Spring Ephemerals

Plants To Bloom First In Milwaukee Wisconsin- Spring Ephemerals

The Spring Ephemerals are a sweet treat and one of our favorite plants to bloom first in Milwaukee. The Spring Ephemerals are known as the “limited time” perennials because they tend to only bloom for a short time at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. They serve as a pollinator for bees because their life span doesn’t last long enough to be a sustainable pollinator for any other bigger insects or birds. 

Northern Roughleaf Dogwoods

Plants To Bloom First In Milwaukee Wisconsin- Northern Roughleaf Dogwoods

Northern Roughleaf Dogwood trees are native to areas that margin mesic forests and prairies. These shrubs bring spring flowers that can be spotted starting to bloom in May and will stick around till summer. Even though they are not an early spring bloom, it wouldn’t spring without them!  


End Note:

There you have it! A collective list of beautiful plants that bloom first in Milwaukee! These Milwaukee blooms can be used as inspiration as you begin planning your garden this year and choosing beautiful perennials that will come back spring after spring. 

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