Attention to Detail, Honest Input and Listening to Your Needs Makes for an Award Winning Project

It is not our objective to win awards for ourselves, but rather the accolades that matter most to us are the ones from our clients sing. We get it right, making the site come alive with their dreams and desires – making it truly “award-winning”.

In 2010, we decided as a company to start to share with others projects we knew might inspire them to dream. We entered the “Joseph Pabst Residence” project and were delighted that others could see what our client and we saw – an excellent landscape in which we unwrapped our client’s dreams and brought them to life. For this we were first awarded a Silver Award by the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA). We then receive a national Award of Merit by PLANET (currently NALP). Finally we capped 2010 off by winning a Gold Award from the Wisconsin Remodelers Association (Milwaukee NARI).

2011 has started equally well as we were just recently recognized with a Silver Award by the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) for the “Milwaukee Third Ward Rooftop Garden” project. To see more of each project, simply click on the either project below. In the summer of 2012, we were recognized with a national Award of Merit by PLANET and finished 2012 by winning a Silver Award from the Wisconsin Remodelers Association for this project.

2012 brought recognition for our Landscape Management department. Started in 2010 to extend LandCrafters’ quality and protection to our clients’ landscape investment, they received the highest honor – a Gold Award from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) for our work a Mequon Residence. Later that summer, we also were given a national Award of Merit by PLANET for the same project.

2012 and 2013 has already brought multiple recognition to our clients. Two projects – Pond Side Living Rooms and New Berlin Fire Pit both received Gold Awards from the Wisconsin Remodelers Association. Early this year, both projects received additional accolades. Pond Side Living Rooms earned a Gold Award from the WLCA, while New Berlin Fire Pit received a Bronze Award. In addition, our Landscape Management department continued to shine at the highest level – receiving a Gold Award from the WLCA for Woodland Oasis. But this was just the beginning as you can see from our Awards Gallery below – our clients’ project continue to receive accolades.

Congratulations to both our Landscape Construction and Management departments for their continued excellent work that resulted in wonderful projects meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectation! Give us an opportunity to blend your unique desires with our experience and creativity and create your award-winning landscape.

Awards Gallery

Constant Comment Colonial

After a disappointing remodel attempt, the clients of this Wauwatosa colonial shifted focus to the neglected outdoor spaces. They wanted a design that would support the architecture, work with a future remodel and create a welcoming terrace within the landscape. The patio radiates from the bay window and ties the shape to the home’s symmetry. A new stoop creates a welcoming entrance and strong planting design gives the home context. Friends, neighbors and friends not-yet-known are now welcomed into the new gathering space. The beauty of the home and landscape is a source of constant comment. This project was rewarded with 2 Gold awards from 2019 Milwaukee NARI and 2020 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association!

Zen Garden

Our client wanted an exterior renovation to a 1950’s split level home to be seamlessly integrated with the renovation of the interior for a “Sukiya Living Environment”. The result is emphatic with Gold Awards including 2017 WRA Remodeler Award and 2018 WLCA Award as well as the prestigious Merit Award from ASLA – Wisconsin Chapter. The site features a Tea House, raked garden, irregular bluestone patio and walkway, Zone Dimming LED Lights, a dry streambed with a stone bridge, granite Natsume basin and a beautiful diversity of plants.

Family Lake Home

A double gold winner –2016 WRA-Milwaukee NARI Remodeler Award and the 2017 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Award for Residential Landscape Design and Construction! Due to a major addition to this house, this steep hillside landscape needed major adjustments. Over 75 tons of outcropping helped facilitate the terracing and lowered driveway. Dry stream beds, a new brick walk and patio as well as stone stairs carefully blend with the architecture of this lake home.

Whitefish Bay Exterior Family Room

This award winning project received a a gold award from the 2016 WLCA Awards and a bronze award from the 2015 WRA Remodelers of the Year. The backyard outdoor family room area is what the main focus of the design and features a gas fire pit, a pizza oven, two gas grills, a raised dining area, storage and an overhead pergola with 18 programmable LED down-lights.

Bayview Courtyard

Working in a mid-century modern design style, reflective of the home, a new courtyard was added as well as a new fence and gate. The result – two Gold Awards, including 2014 WRA Remodeler of the Year Award and 2015 WLCA Award.

Milwaukee Retreat

Silver Award Winner – both the 2013 WRA-Milwaukee-NARI Remodeler Award and the 2014 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Award. This special project transformed a non-functioning space into a wonderful entertaining space for 3 generations to enjoy!


New Berlin Fire Pit

Our clients were ready for a change for their backyard and need of more patio space and a gas fire pit. This multiple award winner delivers – 2012 WRA Gold Award, 2013 WLCA Bronze Award – Residential Landscape Design and Construction.

Woodland Oasis

This wonderful site sits in the middle of a pristine Mequon woodland of beech, oak, maple and musclewood. This project won a 2013 WLCA Gold Award- Landscape Management.

Joseph Pabst Residence

Bluestone patio, pool and gravel courtyard are standouts of this multiple award winning project. 2010 WRA Gold Award, 2011 WLCA Gold Award – Residential Design and Contruction and 2011 PLANET Merit Award.

Eastside Tutor

The original landscape functioned poorly and did not reflect the home’s considerable style. A new walkway now leads to an enlarge masonry front porch. A new pillar with integral lighting and path lights better direct visitors to the door. A new Eden cut stone wall elevates the front yard for exuberant plantings. On the south side a large, Tudor-style pergola with integral LED Lighting, shades the home and new entertainment space. Our clients feel this is the best remodeling they have ever done and the judges agree – 1 Gold award from the 2018 Milwaukee NARI and the highest honor from the 2019 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association – Judges’ Choice and another Gold award for Residential Landscape Design and Construction!

Brookfield Family Reprieve

This multi-year project had many different facets and expressed needs over the last 4 years. A successful front renovation adding new drive, walkway, small seating area and gardens led to a more ambitious backyard redevelopment – including patios, pond with cascades, a meadow and camping area and fire pit – which focused on engagement and greater accessibility for their daughter with disabilities. The new landscape met their desires and has allowed extended family and friends to visit! This project was rewarded with a Gold Award from 2017 WRA Remodeler Awards and a Silver 2018 WLCA Award.

Wauwatosa Residence

This award winning design links two properties and realized the dreams of our client for an extensive outdoor entertainment area. With a larger upper play area for the children, the lower area was developed to feature a large masonry grill station, gas fire pit, cedar pavilion and water-feature all with extensive LED low voltage lighting. No wonder it was given 2 Gold Awards – 2016 WRA-Milwaukee NARI Remodeler Award and the 2017 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Award for Residential Landscape Design and Construction!


French Country Home

Winning a gold award from the 2016 WLCA Awards and a silver award from the 2015 WRA Remodelers of the Year. The landscape design process involved working cooperatively with the builder to site the home and drive, masonry walls, set grades and protect mature pines. An interesting horticultural mix of plans, a formal partially permeable courtyard and a simpler more rustic backyard are key features of this project.

New Berlin Retreat

This Gold Award 2014 WRA Remodelers of the Year winner showcases a new backyard retreat for this family. The new landscape tosses out the old, small concrete patio for a new dining and fire pit gathering spaces. It also received a Silver Award for the 2015 WLCA Landscape Awards.

Waterford Woodland Estate

Gold Award – both 2013 WRA-Milwaukee/NARI Home Remodeler Award and the 2014 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Award . This project has evolved over a decade from new construction to its current state. Fond du Lac stone is featured throughout in irregular flagstone walkways and patio, patterned veneer on porches and cut stone stairs and seat walls/pillars. Features rain garden.


Pond Side Gardens and Living Rooms

Built to comfortably entertain over a 100 people for their sons wedding, our clients also wanted it to be comfortable for just themselves. Features an extensive Unilock Eco-Priora permeable patio to preserve a weeping willow. Lower bluestone patio with water feature overlooks adjoining pond and new butterfly garden. Multiple award winning project – 2012 NARI Gold Award, 2013 WLCA Gold Award – Special Projects.

A Mequon Residence

Beautiful bluestone, brick and Waukehsa Buff stone materials are blended together for patios, walkways and other hardscape features. Large pergola highlights backayrd. 2012 WLCA Gold Award – Landscape Management, 2012 PLANET Merit Award.


Milwaukee Third Ward Green Roof

Located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward District this project is a wonderful extension of our client’s loft. 2011 WRA Silver Award, 2012 WLCA Silver Award – Special Projects and 2012 PLANET Merit Award.