How To Improve Your


This Winter

It's Never Too Late!

January is a great time to add instant color, get your existing landscape under control and plan for that perfect outdoor space that you will enjoy for years to come!

Here is how to get started!


There is no reason you can not have  color throughout the winter! Adorn your summertime containers, window boxes  and hanging baskets, with colorful  winter displays. Add evergreen boughs of different textures and colors, interesting twigs and even small evergreen plants. Need ideas? Email or call LandCrafters.  We have the people that can help!


Plants getting out of control? Winter is a great time to prune overgrown shrubs. Without leaves it is much easier to see the branching structure and form of the plant. This will help us make better cut selections. Dormant pruning is also better for  many types of plants and sets them up for vigorous spring growth. It is important to know what you are pruning. If you prune  at the wrong time of year, you can reduce flowering on many types of spring flowering plants. If you are not sure  contact LandCrafters.


If you wait until spring to begin designing your outdoor living area, you will be waiting until summer to begin building. Factor in summertime events and vacation - summer could be long over before you get to enjoy your new space! Design in January and February and enjoy your summer outside.

A well designed winter display will give you some welcome color this time of year, the dormant pruning will get things under control and ready for spring, and a landscape design will allow you to envision  your future outdoor space.  LandCrafters has the experts to  help you with all of these and more!

So resolve to revive your outdoor space this year!