As we transition into an autumn climate, you may feel it is too late to plant in Milwaukee; however, this time of year can be the perfect time to plant! Milwaukee normally has a very comfortable temperature that is not too hot or cold. 

There are multiple reasons to plant in September and various plants that will thrive in Milwaukee. This article will discuss the reasons to start or continue planting right now and the types of plants you can plant in September that will thrive in Milwaukee.

Why Should I Be Planting Right Now?

Even if it isn’t too late to plant, why should I plant right now? There are multiple reasons why you should consider planting on your property. 

Firstly, The exterior of your home is the first impression of your property. The exterior sets the stage for your guests’ experience when visiting. Whether you want to convey comfort, character, or fun, your outdoor design can offer a glimpse of what your home has to offer.

Furthermore, curb appeal is important not only as first impressions but also can raise your property value and contribute to the collective beauty of the community. Therefore, it is important to enhance your curb appeal. 

Finally, September can be a perfect time to plant specific plants. The soil still holds a bit of heat while the climate is cooling and providing rain to dampen the soil, thus making the perfect conditions for plants. In September, the suitability for planting in Milwaukee will depend on what you intend to plant and the local climate conditions for that specific year.

Here are some general principles to consider for September planting in Milwaukee:

What Can You Plant In September:

01. Cool-Season Vegetables 

Is it too late to plant cool-season vegetables in Milwaukee? Someone planting a vegetable in their already established garden.

If you want to grow your garden, it is not too late to plant cool-season vegetables! Early September presents an opportunity to sow cool-season vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, and carrots. You can even plant garlic in October!

These crops flourish in the cooler early fall temperatures and can be harvested before the arrival of the first frost, typically later in the season. To encourage even more growth, try creating a rain garden or rain barrels that you can use for your garden or flower beds.

02. Bulbs

Is it too late to plant flower bulbs in Milwaukee? Red and yellow tulips near a white garage door and gray siding.

September marks the inception of the fall bulb planting season. You can plant spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and crocuses during this time, giving them ample time to establish roots before winter. Once springtime rolls around again, you should have beautiful bulbs sprouting!


03. Annual Flowers

Is it too late to plant annual flowers in Milwaukee. A close up of a plethora of white, purple, and red flowers in a flower bed.

While it may be somewhat late to start growing annual flowers from seeds in September, it is not too late to plant nursery-grown annuals that will infuse your garden with color until the first frost arrives. The soil is still warm and damp, which can get your plants acclimated to the soil before everything hardens from the frost.

Think about trying to add flowers that are native to Milwaukee! Introducing a native species to your garden will cause generally lower maintenance as they naturally thrive in the Milwaukee environment. This will not only bring some pride to your garden but also keep away any possible invasive species that can overtake your flower beds.


04. Grass Seed

Is it too late to plant grass seeds in Milwaukee? Someone planting grass seeds onto a patch of dirt in the yard.

Early September is suitable for overseeding an existing lawn or initiating a new one in Milwaukee. The warm soil and often more consistent rainfall in early fall create favorable conditions for grass seed germination. This would be the perfect time to take care of your Milwaukee lawn.

05. Perennials, Shrubs, And Trees

Is it too late to plant trees in Milwaukee? A group of tree sapling outside on a sunny day.

Fall proves an excellent season for introducing perennials, shrubs, and trees into Milwaukee’s soil. The residual warmth from the summer months encourages robust root development, and the cooler air temperatures ease the stress on recently planted greenery.

Early fall generally provides favorable conditions for tree planting, especially for deciduous trees. The soil retains warmth, encouraging root development, while the cooler weather minimizes stress on newly planted trees. 

Trees and shrubs that are already balled and burlapped can absolutely be planted in the fall. You can also move and plant trees once their leaves have changed color. This indicates that they have started dormancy. 

End Note:

In conclusion, September is not too late to plant in Milwaukee. It can make for the perfect planting conditions for specific plants. These plants can establish curb appeal, increase property value, and provide beauty for your community. 

Cool-season vegetables, bulbs, annual flowers, grass seeds, shrubs, and trees are great plants to plant during the cooler months before winter starts. Provide your exterior with colorful leaves, flowers, and delicious vegetables that will thrive in Milwaukee.

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