Paving Installation

LandCrafters takes great pride in the quality of our paving installation. Our experience and craftmanship make our paving installation second to none. Our landscape construction staff has the ability to work with any material selection and will guide you through the choice process to insure you make proper, informed choices.

When most people consider paving they often start and end with concrete. And while concrete may be the right choice, it is not always the answer for a walk, patio or driveway. Many of today’s paving materials have not only greater strength and durability, but require less overall care than concrete. In addition, there are extensive choices for color and artistry to add value to your home or business. Finally, pavers also given you the opportunity to consider being “green” by chosing permeable pavers to store and filter storm water.

The process we use for paving installation has been refined over years of experience to the procedure we use today. While other companies certainly use portions of this process, we are the best at doing it consistently without taking shortcuts. To learn more, view our photos of a patio installation using both full-range, patterned bluestone and clay pavers outlined step by step. Please contact us if you have questions or would like a quote on LandCrafters installing your next paving project.